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„Essential Oils and Herbs“ Ltd is a company established as an association of different essential oils plants producers, who hadn’t got a distillery and strived to find plant certified seedling, as well as access to international market. In 2016 finally we managed to make this union, as we scaled land plots, and built our own distillery and warehouse in Southeast Bulgaria, for storage of essential oils and floral waters.

We created our fields with our own planting material, because this guarantees homogenous and high quality final product. The collaboration with different farmers gives us the opportunity to experiment with various crops and helps us improve the quality of the essential oils plants we cultivate.

We grow, distill and supply authentic organic and conventional essential oils and floral waters with similar quality over the years that meet our partner’s expectations. To be sure that we respond to the needs of our partners, we have implemented HACCP control plan and have certified our activity according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 standards. The presence of a warehouse allows us to store our production in optimal conditions, as well as control our stock quantities, be flexible in commercial deals, have quick response rate and fast delivery.

The union is a proud member of IFEAT and our distillery is certified for processing Organic raw materials and REACH registered for lavender processing. We are proud to be able to offer our partners Organic products (essential oils and floral waters), manufactured and processed by our dedicated team of experts.

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Through hard work and consistency, we have managed to create stable partnerships with companies all over the world. Here is what they have to say about working with us:

Our Strengths

The benefits you may have from working with us:

  • Own fields and production facilities => proven quality, reliability and traceability: own crop fields, distillery, manufacturing plants, and warehouses are located in South East part of Bulgaria;
  • Permanent stock and competitive pricing;
  • Quick response, fast delivery - we ship worldwide via well-known international courier companies such as DHL, FedEx, DB Schenker and reliable forwarders for sea and air cargo including all shipping documentation;
  • Flexibility in commercial deals => flexible payment terms;
  • Activity is certified according to international recognized standards - ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP and Organic Certified;
  • A team with specific education and qualification for all stages of the production process, including engineers, technologists, agronomists and others;
  • Free samples before buying.


Can you define sustainability in our overpopulated world? What does sustainable mean to you?

We can’t use somebody else’s definition, but with time “Essential Oils and Herbs” have created their own understanding of being sustainable.

Our goal is not only to create pure, high quality, traceable products, but to produce them without disrupting the fragile ecosystems of aromatic plants. Even more, we want to preserve the traditions our country has for distilling essential oils and make them priority for small agricultural producers. With every product sold, we make a step closer to our cause - to broaden the scopes of our union and turn the cultivation of aromatic plants into a meaningful adventure for our associates.

The planet is our home and being sustainable goes beyond a commercial choice. We firmly believe that it’s a necessity and a responsibility for all of us to make small steps on that. We know there is still much to be done, but we have started by choosing to use natural gas as a main energy source for our production. This is the fuel with the lowest harmful emissions as well as we are investing in modern equipment that has proven low environmental impact, ensuring both low fuel consumption and low emissions of harmful substances.

People are at the heart of everything we do and we are committed to following an ethical work practice. This includes, but is not exclusive of, non-discriminatory practices, gender equality, non-child labor practices, and non-human trafficking, forced or compulsory labor. We seek to ensure working conditions are safe and fair.

As many of the members of the association are part of the local community, we ESSENTIAL OILS AND HERBS, Ltd. are proud to support and contribute to educational, sports and other activities focused on the integration of minority groups, thus trying to create additional employment in the months when there is no active agricultural production and stable income throughout the year.

Harvest Calendar

Product/Essential oil Botanical
Harvest Calendar
May June July August September
Chamomile, German /Matricaria recutita/ x x
Chamomile, Roman /Anthemis nobilis/ x x x x
Lavender /Lavandula Angustofolia/ x x
Melissa /Melissa Oficinalis/ x x x x
Rose /Rosa Damascena/ x x
Yarrow /Achilea millefolium/ x x


Essential Oils and Herbs Ltd
Address: South Industrial Zone, 12 Dr.Stamen Grigorov Str
8000 Burgas, Bulgaria
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