About us

'Essential oils and herbs' Ltd. is a European company specialized in growing, producing and processing herbs and essential oil cultures. The company owns the largest Melissa officinalis plantation in Bulgaria. Our fields are located in the region of Sliven, Southeast Bulgaria, with totally built irrigation system.
We are also wholesale traders of essential oils and a hub for storage, packaging and transport of different essential oils, produced by our partners and other small agricultural producers of essential oil and dried herbs.
We own a base in which we have built our own distillery to process the raw green mass in the short period between mowing and distilling operations.

Partnership with processing and production plants

We are looking for partners in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and Flavors and fragrances industries. We work to build strong and valuable partnerships based on mutual collaboration and long term relations with strong and reliable partners sharing our philosophy for modern, responsible and mutually profitable business. We do not plan to develop our own final products or retail sales.
We can, in collaboration with these plants, plan growing specific types of cultures, depending on specific pre-defined criteria and characteristics of the final output – essential oils. We are able to finance the whole production process of producing essential oils provided we have a guarantee the final product will be purchased (in case they meet the pre-defined and agreed criteria).

Benefits of working with us

  • Bulgaria is one of the very few countries in the world offering excellent geographical and climate conditions which favor growing of cultures such as Melissa officinalis, Rose, Matricaria Chamomilla, Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Achillea millefolium and other essential oil plants;
  • Possibility to conclude a contract with us guaranteeing a fixed price for a certain period of time;
  • Cultivation of suitable varieties on large terrains with the best characteristics, having passed multiple soil samples and with completely built-up irrigation systems;
  • Each batch of the oil produced is accompanied by a Chemical Analysis (GC / MS);
  • Traceability of the process of growing and harvesting the plants for oil produced by us, proving that we do not use pesticides and herbicides;
  • We have a team with specific education and qualification for all stages of the production process, including engineers, technologists, agronomists and others;
  • We work in close cooperation with the University of Food Technology Plovdiv, Department of Essential Oils Technology, which enables us to deliver high quality products to our potential customers of essential oil.


The mission of the company is to support the development of the sector in Bulgaria by involving other small agricultural producers in the production of essential oil cultures.
Our scope of achieving the mission:
  • sharing our technical knowledge to help farmers improve their agricultural conditions;
  • provide them with the necessary seedlings and/or seeds, as well as with our professional consultancy support, in order to enable them to obtain a high quality product;
  • become a stable source of income for local communities.
We strongly believe it is people's duty to protect the environment and nature. Our prime care is to meet our partners' needs and expectations. We want to make our partners feel safe by using our oils. We are happy to give them assurance that they support the environmental friendly production by choosing our products!

Our story


We use our own distillery located very close to our fields. Its capacity allows for processing our own production within a very short time. This optimizes the time necessary for production and guarantees a larger quantity of Melissa oil with a better quality and at lower production costs.

Harvest Calendar

Product/Essential oil Botanical
Harvest Calendar
May June July August September
Chamomile, German /Matricaria recutita/ x x
Chamomile, Roman /Anthemis nobilis/ x x x x
Lavender /Lavandula Angustofolia/ x x
Melissa /Melissa Oficinalis/ x x x x
Rose /Rosa Damascena/ x x
Yarrow /Achilea millefolium/ x x


Address: 26 ‘Antim I’ Street
8000 Burgas, Bulgaria